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Lighting Fixtures in Middletown, NY

The lighting can make or break any space. It is essential to your everyday operations, both functionally and ascetically. Poor lightning not only looks tacky, but can also affect your eyesight. If a light in a common space is too bright, your eyes can become damaged, not to mention, you could develop chronic headaches from constantly squinting. On the other hand, if lights are very dim, you can easily strain your eyes and wind up needing glasses or contacts. We understand how essential lighting can be for a space which is why we offer lots of options and styles to suit your needs. 

Middletown Electricians services includes installation and upgrade of lighting fixtures. We specialize in carrying both routine and technical installations. From carefully designed and subtle indoor lighting to bright outdoor lighting for safety purposes, count on us to deliver an exceptional job. We will help your home to be energy sufficient, to help save on your electrical bills, with the right energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs. Our technicians can conduct an energy audit on your home and give you suggestions on how you can keep your electricity bill at a low cost each month.

The Types of Fixtures We Offer:

To start, there are the main categories of lights: ambient (general), accent, and task. Ambient or general lights up an entire room or space evenly, like ceiling lights, accent lights up a specific and targeted area, and task provides light do to specific tasks, like work, reading, writing, or cooking. There are lots of different options for fixtures for each category. Middletown Electricians will help you decide which fixtures are most appropriate and efficient for your space. Below are a list of options that we can install, repair or replace. We also help with custom lighting. 

– Ceiling-mounted Fixtures: Usually for general or ambient lighting as they will distribute the light evenly throughout the entire space.

– Pendants: Give downlight, light that is directed downward from the fixture. Pendants are usually decorative and are used for accent or task light.

– Recessed Lights: Offer a variety of options from ambient, accent, and task, depending on the brightness of the bulbs and the number of fixtures installed.

– Track Lights and Spotlights: These structures are usually for accent and task lighting, but spotlights and tracks are very useful because you can change the direction and location that the fixtures are pointing light at, making it easy to accommodate many different activities. 

– Wall Sconces: These fixtures are very decorative and are usually for ambient or accent lighting. Because of their decorative nature, they are generally not bright enough to light up an entire space on their own, therefore, more accent lights would likely need to supplement wall sconces. 

– Desk and Table Lamps: As imagined, these are used mostly for task lighting. Desk and table lamps can serve as a major decorative piece in a room. 


Need Help With Your Lights? 

While these are not the only types of light fixtures we work with, they are the most popular projects we have. If you have questions or concerns throughout the project, we will be happy to guide you through the process. By involving you, our customer, in the process, we are arming you with the information and resources to prevent a future electrical issue from arising and spot a potential hazard before it evolves. Contact us to get a free, no obligation estimate. 

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