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Middletown Electricians also deals with electrical wiring and rewiring. If you have just finished building your brand new home or office space, you can contract us to competently and safely wire the entire property as necessary. On the other hand, if you are moving into an older property that you just acquired, you may need some of the old cabling to be redone for safety, as well as efficiency purposes. If your property is more than 25 years old it is not up to the electrical standards of today’s age and should at least be assessed for quality and function. You don’t want your premise to carry the risk of fires or electric shocks, something that most property owners take for granted. We will conduct a complete audit of your residential or business premise to point out any electrical wiring concerns and provide reliable solutions for you. We can inspect, install, repair, or replace any sort of wiring, including wires and cables, light switches, outlets, breaker box, and any sort of lighting fixture. We work with your safety in mind and will ensure that your property is up to electrical code. 

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While DIY work can sometimes get the job done, when dealing with electricity is it important to have an expert take charge of the situation. Electrical systems and standards can get quite intricate, so knowing the details of how electrical systems work is key to a quality and safe outcome. There are many kinds of wires that are used on different types of properties and the type of wire system depends on many variables, like the capability of the voltage and electrical energy of the system, temperature, and environmental factors like sun and moisture. Middletown Electricians will assess your property and advise on what option is optimal for your property. 

What Types of Wiring Systems are Available? 

Underground wiring is a common way to provide electricity to a property. One popular advantage to an underground system is that, generally, maintenance costs are lower because the weather does not damage the power lines. Having your wires underground can also help mitigate power surges because the ground actually absorbs some of the energy.  
Overhead wiring is another way to provide electricity to your property. It is cheaper than underground systems and very common in America. One good aspect of overhead cables is that finding an issue is relatively easy because you can easily spot the issue which makes for a faster repair. 
One important note is that overhead wiring is in fact live, meaning there is electrical currents running through the wires at all times. Though they have a very thin coating and insulation around them to protect against weather, eventually that coating will start to disintegrate over time. If the wires are not maintained after a certain time the bare wires will become exposed. It is essential – for the safety of you and others – to always treat overhead wiring as live and lethal if messed with. These powerful systems should be handled by an experienced electrician. 

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