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We tend to take the outlets around our homes and places of work for granted. Of course there’s an outlet available, there should always be an outlet available!

But what happens when there’s not?

When a building is planned out and constructed, the need for having an electrical outlet in convenient locations is typically taken into consideration. However, with some older buildings, you may find that the setup is a bit awkward and inconvenient. If this is the case for you, we can help you out by rewiring your circuits and installing outlets in better locations.

One of our expert electric technicians will give you a free assessment of your situation and tell you exactly what you’ll need to do in order to have your space your way. Contact us to get your free assessment and no obligation quote.

How Does an Electrical Outlet Work? 

To prevent potential issues from happening with outlets, it’s important to know the basics of how they work. Outlets are the source of electricity your appliance needs to complete the electrical circuit and turn on. Most outlets now a days have three holes. The one to the top left is called the “neutral” hole. The one to the top right is called the “hot” hole, and the bottom one in the center is referred to as the “ground” hole. The hot hole connects to wire that creates the electricity. The neutral hole connects to the wire that brings the electricity back to the breaker box or electrical panel. The hot hole supplies electricity to the appliance, allowing electricity to run through the appliance and turn on. The neutral hole completes the entire electrical circuit because it brings the electricity from the appliance back to the source of the electrical system, the breaker box. 

My Outlet is Two Pronged. How is that Different from Three Pronged? 

In simplest terms, two pronged outlets still have the hot hole and the neutral hole in the respective places, but it is missing the grounding one. Two pronged outlets are typically outdated because they are a bit more dangerous than three pronged outlets. By having a grounding hole, your system is protected if there is a power surge. Any electrical current that has a higher voltage than what your system is used to will be neutralized by the grounding wire in a three pronged outlet. The grounding wire serves as a line of defense against damage from a power spike and could save you thousands of dollars in damage costs. Not to mention, grounding wires can also protect you and your loved ones from electric shock or and electrical fire. 

A lot of older properties only have two pronged outlets, but because three pronged are recommended, a lot of appliances come with three prongs. If this is the case for you, you can buy another plug that plugs into your two pronged outlet but has three prongs for your modern appliance. However, you should know that because the original one still has two prongs, it does not have a grounding wire and therefore is not any safer. 

Electrical Outlet Repair, Replacement, Installation 

If you’re experiencing trouble with the placement or type of outlets you have, give Middletown Electricians a call for a free, no obligation quote. We will walk through the process with you and advise on what is most appropriate and efficient for your property. 

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